Hello everyone,

it’s over a year since I got this domain from Zai as a birthday present. So… I guess it’s time to replace the placeholder with something better. And here we go with this website-blog-thingy (currently) powered by Jekyll. why? Cause… dunno. It’s easy ya know. No nights full of coding just for a wonky page using a overkilled database driven framework only to serve 4 pages. 😉 Or… because I’m a lacy cat… *shrugs*

Currently this thing is using the plain default theme. But I’ll create my own some day.

So, what else do I have to say here? I dunno. I’m bad with this intro stuff… I could tell you what you can expect here on this blog-thingy in the future. But, honestly I also don’t know it, though.

// End of Transmission